Ideal starting point for all your holiday activities!

... whether hiking in nice mountain scene, from alp to alp, climbing, riding the bicycle, motor bike tours, bathing, fishing in river and lake, day trips or just simply relaxing.

Most of the here listed offers - from admission to Pressegger See to guided mountain bike tours and usage of Millennium-Express to Nassfeld as well as using chairlifts at Madritschen or Gartnerkofel side – can be explored for free with Plus CARD holiday!

Children's paradise

For hiking tours with children, the Aqua-Trail and Dolce-Vita-Path at Madritsche as well as the mountain play area „Almrausch“ next to the Gartnerkofel-foursome-chairlift station is highly recommended. The 1.5 km long Aqua-Trail can be even used with buggies.

Nassfed - from theme hiking to climbing trail

Nassfeld is popular for its breathtaking mountain panorama with view down to the northern Adria as well as a number of free time offers: 

More than 1,000 km of hiking trails are available for pilgrims, long distance hikers and climbers. At Nassfeld everyone can enjoy an individual way of mountain adventure: families feel comfortable as well as ambitious and professional mountaineers.

Numerous hiking trails for beginners and masters are waiting to be crest at Rosskofel, Trogkofel, Malurch, Zottachkofel and Gartnerkofel. Since summer 2014 Nassfeld offers one more attraction: climbing trail „Däumling“. This insured trail with its difficulty level B/C is 500 m long. Its highlight is "nepal bridge": The crossing length is 40 m. Just brave climbers which are free from giddiness will be able to cross the swinging bridge .


A hiking tour to one of the numerous, farmed alps will be an unforgettable nature and cultural experience. Have a try on regional products as well as the EU-protected brands "Gailtaler Speck" (bacon) and "Gailtaler Almkäse" (cheese).

Carinthia’s longest summer toboggan run


Who every want to get down to the valley can have a ride at the longest summer toboggan run in Carinthia „Pendolino“, for the first part of the way. More than 400 m difference in altitude and 2.2 km will be left behind with the good secured system, curve by curve from mountain station (Madritsche) to middle station Tressdorfer Alm.

kick of freshness at Pressegger lake

The perfect ending of an exciting summer day will be a jump into the cool water of Pressegger lake. The experience of a combined mountain and lake holiday will be the perfect time for your family. The number of outdoor activities in our region will surprise you.


Swimming, to dabble, diving, jumping into the water, using a paddleboat … having the possibility of water sports is one of the most popular wishes children have for summer holidays. Pressegger lake can warm up to 28°C in summer and so it is one of the warmest lakes in Austria. So, it happens that it is lovely called "bathtub of Gailtal".

Mountain bike fun for everyone


Professional bikers will have a good time biking in the Nassfeld-Pressegger lake region as well as families and people just biking for fun. Everybody can find a perfectly suiting route which might not need to be the most arduous: Tours which can be handled with a minimum of effort as well as some without much difference in height are available. 

A good variety of challenging tours, training your muscles, can also be found in the holiday destination Nassfeld-Pressegger lake: You are invited to use 730 km of marked ways and trails in the carnic und Gailtaler alps. 30 diversified tours - from low to high level - will let your biker heart beat faster.



The longest mountain bike trail of the alps!

A tour which cannot be found everywhere: with the gondola onto the mountain, with the bicycle to the valley. Millennium-Express, the longest cabin lift in the alps, can bring mountain bikers up to 1,919 m sea level - including free transportation for your bike or other sport equipment. Afterwards a nearly 12 km long downhill run is waiting for those who want to enjoy some speed. Those who think that there is no effort needed to go downhill need to be warned:  The route is mostly graveled and so you will still need some condition.

+CARD holiday

Limitless vacation experiences in Austria and Italy can be taken literally in our "World of Mountains“. Carnic alps, Gailtaler alps as well as Julian alps are stage and scenery at once in our fabulous vacation world. Pressegger See, Weissensee as well as other numerous mountain lakes enrich our vacation offer too.

Your personal advantages when being a guest in our house: 

Enjoy more than 40 FREE TIME OFFERS with "Plus CARD holiday" in Austria and parts of Italy for free or with big discounts. 

More detailed information can be found in your holiday apartment!

Nassfeld-Pressegger See area (AT)

  • 3 summer gondolas
  • open-air baths at Pressegger See
  • regional bus traffic
  • hiking program
  • mountain bike offers
  • kids program
  • further offers up to - 30 %

Tarvisio-Val Canale area (IT) 


  • ice rink Pontebba (incl. rental)

DISCOUNTS (up to - 25 %):

  • gondola Monte Lussari
  • gondola Monte Canin
  • dog trekking Tarvisio/Fusine
  • adventure park Sella Nevea

Interactive tour guide

Interactive tour guide


The interactive tour guide is a real treasure chest of possibilities to discover. A good sorted overview of categories like hiking, climbing and mountain bike trails will help you to find the perfect route in our region. Pending your requirements, you can limit the search to e.g. level of difficulty, maximum of length or altitude difference. Detailed descriptions inclusive pictures, stop overs, comments and maps are available to each route.

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